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“He who travels in the search of knowledge, to him Allah shows the way of Paradise”.



Religious Guidance Center

The Religious Guidance Center provides solution and guidance on social, moral, personal and family issues as per the Marja-e-Taqleed. With Ijaza of all present day Maraja-e-Keraam.

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Collective Qurbani 1437
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Our Objectives:

  1. To seek to preserve the Islamic perspective according to the Quran and Sunnah.
  2. To conduct social, cultural, religious and educational activities in the best tradition of Islam.
  3. To enhance the Islamic identity.
  4. To promote programs for the youth to contribute positively to society.
  5. To develop capable young people loving, creative minds, souls and bodies to further justice and peace.
  6. To cooperate and work with other institutions to achieve common objectives.
  7. To practically apply the teachings of Ahl-ul-Bait (A.S.) by engaging in poverty eradication and other social upliftment programs.
  8. Working with the Local Community to spread the right message of Islam and establish long lasting relationships that work in the interest of everyone.

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  • Celebration of Eid-e-Mubahila & Nuzool Surah Hal’ata Date: 26th Sep.2016 Time:9pm to 10pm Speaker: HIWM M. Raza Dawoodani @ Quran Centre,DHA 1d ago
  • Sponsor an Ashra during Muharram. Pls participate for Isale sawab of your marhumin & spreading the message of Imam Hussain(as) +923222006160 3d ago

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Zeeqad & Zilhajj 1437 A.H.
Zeeqad & Zilhajj 1437

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Khutba-e-Juma by Hujjat-ul-Islam Sheikh Shabbir Maisami at Jama Masjid Baqiyatullah (29th Zeeqad 1437 A.H.)

Majlis-e-Shahadat Imam Mohammed Taqi (A.S.) by Hujjat-ul-Islam Shahid Raza Kashifi at Quran Centre, DHA (29th Zeeqad 1437 A.H.)

Khutba-e-Juma by Hujjat-ul-Islam Sheikh Shabbir Maisami at Jama Masjid Baqiyatullah (22nd Zeeqad 1437 A.H.)

Dua Wid’a Mah-e-Ramadan by Dr. Mohammed Maisami – 27th Ramadan Night.

Wid’a Mah-e-Ramadan by Hujjat-ul-Islam Sheikh Shabbir Maisami – 27th Ramadan Night.

Shab-e-Qadr, Dua & Aamal by Hujjat-ul-Islam Sheikh Shabbir Maisami – Night of 23rd Ramadan 1437 A.H.